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You can use our app as a cloud version from OpenSignLabs

or follow below instructions to install it on your own infrastructure.

  • Localhost(Frontend only)
  • Localhost(Docker)

Localhost(Frontend only)

This is the easiest way to run the frontend application for development or testing purpose without the hassle of installing backend & DB. All the features including document upload, signing, email notifications will work seamlessly from staging backend.

Warning: All data, including user accounts and documents, is stored in the staging backend. This data will be erased every time there is a merge to the main branch. As a result, you may need to recreate user accounts repeatedly. If you find that login attempts are failing, it is likely because the data has been cleared due to a recent merge.

Below are the steps to follow -

  • Clone the repository to your local machine using below command -
    git clone
  • Switch to the newly created OpenSign directory.
    cd OpenSign
  • Copy the .env.frontend_dev file to apps/OpenSign/.env using below command(on mac & linux). For windows use COPY command instead.
    cp .env.frontend_dev apps/OpenSign/.env
  • Switch to apps/OpenSign directory.
    cd apps/OpenSign
  • Install NPM packages using
    npm install
  • Run the project locally using
    npm run start-dev

You should be able to access the application from http://localhost:3000 after this. Create an account by signing-up and start contributing.